Who are we?

We are that one platform that allows brands and colleges to partner for successful events. Defying the geographical boundaries, we allow pan India reach through which brands can sponsor events, seminars, fests and other college events to enhance their marketing and other related spectrums.

Festinator aims to cater to the needs of brands while also offering the students elite exposure at the same time. With many successful events under our name, we understand the key to make brand and college collaborations successful ensuring profitability at both the ends.

Why choose us?

Being one of its kind, Festinator offers brands & colleges unique experiences that account for great future relationships. As an established player in the industry, we have a pool of partner colleges from across the nation, with a profile ranging from medium to large. By partnering with us, brands enjoy an opportunity of wider exposure while colleges profiteer much-wanted sponsorships. Choosing us is a wise decision because:

  • We are the pioneering platform allowing partnerships of colleges and brands
  • We have a healthy account of successful partnerships to flaunt
  • We are expert, knowledgeable and reliable platform catering to the needs of brands and colleges alike

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Email : [email protected]

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Mobile No : 9807540541